What Do You Need to Know About the Detailing of Your Car?

A few car owners know that manufacturers have clear regulations for body, exterior, and interior care. That is not all you need to know – you need to learn it! That is why a logical question arises: will a low-skilled serviceman at the car wash learn or know this? Finally, the car owners, who tend to save on the car wash services, are so surprised when the rust appears after 5-6 years of car operation. Of course, they start to blame the manufacturer and think that it’s not about using poor car care services. Do not be lazy to learn what exactly are you paying for! Probably, you will get more from detailing than from just a regular car wash.

What do you get from a regular car wash?

Well, the answer depends on what you mean by the phrase “regular car wash”. In any case, you usually get the following risks by paying less:

  • It’s not clear what kind of chemicals and equipment the service center uses; 
  • Your car is usually processed by students or non-professionals, who don’t care about your car, and whose level of qualification is dubious (this does not apply to all, but this situation is typical of most car washes);
  • No responsibility for your car. Almost 80% of the so-called specialists do not even know how the paintwork is applied, what the wheels are made of, and so on! Just think about it for a moment: you trust your car to people who do not fully understand what they are doing!

Have you ever watched a car wash at a cheap service station? If not, for the sake of interest, count how many cars they wipe with one rag. Body, windows, wheels – all rubbed by a single piece of fiber!

What do you receive from professional car detailing?

The professional detailing services usually cost about twice more than a regular car wash. What do you pay for?

  1. Thorough detailing car wash – unlike mass washing, the detailing services use only time-tested, high-quality, and certified chemicals. Besides, they will tell you in detail about each cleaning agent.
  2. Cleaning of discs and windows – professional detailers will not rub the windows with a rag for the body, and there will be no stains or leaks afterward.
  3. Careful interior cleaning – remember how you clean the salon for a few dollars? At the professional detailing salon, you would see the arsenal of brushes and fibers used to clean the interior! 

If you still don’t understand the difference in where to wash the car, we will recommend one thing: just count your expenses in the long run. Probably, careful detailing will now seem too expensive. 

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