The Best Steam Generator for Washing Your Car

Steaming is an effective method of removing not only dirt but also harmful bacteria, dust mites, organic pollution, etc. Steam quickly dissolves the dirt, allowing the removal of even old fat stains. In addition, such cleaners disinfect the surface and remove unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, sweat smell, etc. That is why these portable assistants are so popular among motorists, who want to save on frequent car washes and do it themselves at home. Indeed, steam generators are valuable devices, which have the following advantages:

  • environmental friendliness – cleaning is carried out without the use of chemical cleaning agents;
  • economy – such devices do not require extra expenses;
  • hygiene – steam destroys harmful microorganisms;
  • efficiency – except for the car wash, the device can also be used for home cleaning to process almost any surface in the house;
  • wide functionality – the equipment of this type is suitable for cleaning the air, and removal of fungi and mold.

Operation Principle

The construction of steam cleaners has much in common with washing vacuum cleaners. There is a water heating device installed, which allows for achieving the required temperature. Under the pressure, the steam is supplied to the processed surface via the hose and attachment. Depending on the temperature, the device can produce both hot and cold steam.

Buying a steam generator is a nice idea for people, who suffer from allergies or asthma. Such a device removes 99% of the dust, allowing the achievement of ideal purity. The steam generator is usually equipped with a control panel, with the help of which it is possible to adjust the steam supply power and the intensity. 

What can a steam generator be used for?

In the service stations, steam generators can be used in the following cases:

  • vehicle body wash;
  • cleaning and antibacterial treatment of the interior, trunk, windows;
  • detailed washing of rims, tires, and plastic body parts;
  • cleaning and antibacterial treatment of vehicle ventilation systems;
  • preparation of vehicles for painting work.

Steam generators for car washing are represented by a wide variety of models produced in Europe and Asia. European steam generators are more reliable and functionally versatile, but they are also more expensive. Asian analogs are more affordable, and not so equipped with accessories, but this typically does not affect the quality of the result.

When selecting a steam generator for home use, do not forget to consider the water tank capacity, power, ability to regulate the steam intensity, security, and functionality of the device. The presence of attachments for processing various surfaces is also an advantage.

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