Steamer Types for Car Interior Cleaning

Every second motorist asks the same question: how to facilitate the process of cleaning the car interior? Today, there is a huge selection of chemicals with different effects on store shelves, but none of them can carefully clean the car as the steamer will do. Just a few years ago, this device was available only to servicemen and professional detailers, but today any family can buy and use it. Before you select a steamer and then buy a device, you should know how this device works. When steam gets on the surface, the fabric is smoothed and disinfected. The main advantages of the device include the following:

  • removal of unpleasant odors, disinfection, destruction of dust mites;
  • the ability to reduce the cleaning time;
  • delicate attitude to materials;
  • easy cleaning of the upholstered seats, etc.

The device perfectly copes with cleaning upholstered furniture and car interior, with its help you can remove the stains without much effort.

Types of devices and their characteristics

Today in stores you can find a wide variety of household steamers of different types and kinds. By type, all steamers are divided into:

  • hand-held (portable);
  • floor-standing (stationary).

Undoubtedly, the floor-standing type is much more powerful than its portable analog. It consists of a steam generator, a water tank, and a hose with various nozzles that facilitate the cleaning process. This type of steamer can cope with almost any dirt. The floor-standing type has gained great popularity in the cleaning and detailing businesses. Stationary devices are often purchased by detailing studio owners and specialists in this field.

The only, but significant disadvantage, which should be noted, is that the stationary steamer has a fairly high price, which you cannot say about the mini steamers with their low cost and mobility.

A distinctive feature of all hand-held steamers is their portable size. Before you buy such a steamer, you should know that it is not powerful enough, as it has a significant disadvantage in its low performance. However, the small size allows you to use this device not only at home but also on the vacation. The water tank will be enough for about 30 minutes of work, which indicates the mobility of the equipment. Such a steamer is considered manual, as it has mini parameters. 


Before you buy a steamer, you need to understand for what purpose this purchase is made, and where you intend to use the device – at home or work. Probably, the advice of appliance consultants will help to pick the best option. Foremost, you need to choose between a household steamer and a professional one. When buying appliances for home use, you should not overpay for a powerful and functional device and vice versa.

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