Steam Generator for Dry Cleaning the Car Interior

While trying to attract the attention of customers, car wash owners are expanding the list of services through the use of modern and effective methods for cleaning the body, engine, and interior of cars. Now motorists are increasingly being offered steam washing. At first, the innovation was perceived with fear because of the possible damage to the paintwork. However, having tried once, the owners of cars appreciated the advantages of the method. Here are the benefits of using this device:

  • The steam generator is effective in cleaning complex contaminants;
  • Cleaning the car takes place with the full or minimal use of chemical cleaners;
  • The steam does not damage the complex electronics of the car;
  • Using steam to wash your car reduces water consumption, which is both cost-effective and eliminates the issue of wastewater draining;
  • The steam generator can equally be used for cleaning body parts, the engine, and the interior.

Under the influence of steam, up to 99% of harmful microorganisms are killed, an unpleasant smell in the cabin is eliminated, and such cleaning does not cause any allergic reactions. The compactness, versatility of the equipment, and its environmental safety make it possible to use it both indoors and outdoors.

Interior steam cleaning features

Cleaning the car interior with steam has its peculiarities. This process should be carried out by experienced specialists who know what mode and temperature should be set for a particular part of the car so as not to damage it. The main features include: 

  • the procedure lasts 2-4 hours, while the usual dry cleaning takes about 12 hours; 
  • high temperature up to +140-160°С is applied; 
  • cleaning takes place under high pressure (up to 10 bar), which allows steam to penetrate hard-to-reach places; 
  • this method requires a minimum amount of water.

This method of cleaning the interior does not involve the use of chemicals. This is especially important for people with allergies and small children. Processing the interior with steam perfectly copes with complex contaminants. As a result of cleaning, dust, unpleasant odors, and animal hair are also eliminated. This method can be used not only to remove contaminants but also various microbes. It is also suitable for various interior surfaces (plastic, textile, leather, wood, velvet, etc.). However, some interior parts can peel off or spoil after the steam treatment (for example, the ceiling may sag and the plastic fade). That is why it is really critical to entrust this task to professionals.

During the operation of your car, you may not even notice how much you clog up the interior. Now, you know how to eliminate even the worst contamination.

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