How to Choose a Detailing Center?

Auto detailing is a complex of car care services, the purpose of which is to give the car maximum cleanliness, shine, and protection. Using car detailing services, you prolong its original appearance many times and get professional care and maximum comfort during operation. Having tried it once, you will forget about ordinary car washes forever. However, there is still a question about how to choose a decent detailing center. We will try to give you an answer below.

Reviews and Recommendations

Foremost, when searching for detailing on the Internet, look at the reviews and feedback from car owners who have already visited the center you like. If there are a lot of reviews and a rating above 4* – that’s good. When studying reviews, do not worry about the presence of a couple of negative feedback, because it is impossible to always work perfectly, the most important thing is that there are few of them.

Also, pay attention to how much the detailing center works, because turning to very young studios, there is a risk of getting low-quality service. Naturally, if your friend, relative, or colleague has already visited this center, then ask them to share their impressions. If the detailing center has an appointment for several weeks in advance, then it is likely that it provides quality services.

Area of Work 

Ask the manager or administrator to show you the center – it should be a dry and clean place. It is impossible to carry out the same high-quality body polishing if you cannot be sure that everything around is clean. The presence of separate boxes or rooms for painting or drying the car also indicates that you will be provided high-quality services.


This criterion refers to the area of ​​work, but we decided to make it a separate paragraph since this is very important. The detailing center should have high-quality and professional lighting – the presence in the studio of spotlights and flashlights installed at different angles, with different intensities and color spectrum is crucial. When using professional lighting, it becomes possible to closely examine the body and see almost all the flaws and problem areas. High-quality lighting will help the master scrupulously perform his work, not missing the slightest detail, and you will be happy with the car after the detailing is finished.

Finally, do not chase the cheap services, but you shouldn’t purchase the most expensive services either. You need to know approximately the possible minimum cost. Costs vary and change depending on the class of the car, the scope of work, and the materials used.

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