Ease of Daily Cleaning With a Steam Generator

If you pay attention to the cleaning methods used in modern homes, many housewives began to use steam-generating devices. They are so versatile that you can avoid buying a vacuum cleaner, ironing system, electric mop, and other cleaning aids. Steam generators are characterized by the following features:

  • Economy. Despite its large size and broad functionality, the device consumes a minimum of water and a small amount of electricity. That’s why you won’t notice a significant difference in electricity bills;
  • It doesn’t require the use of household chemicals. With the help of a steam cleaner, your house will be perfectly clean without the additional use of chemicals. Moreover, these devices perfectly disinfect toilets, showers, and baths;
  • High-pressure steam. Under the powerful steam jet, even the dry dirt or a layer of dust will be washed away in a few seconds. All you have to do is remove the dissolved residue.

However, even such equipment can have some disadvantages, unfortunately. Almost all models of steam generators are expensive, so don’t look for too cheap models. If you come across an inexpensive steam cleaner, it’s better to check the quality of assembly.

Key features of steam generators

Hand-held steamers are quite popular among housewives. The manual steam generator is ready to work in 3-5 minutes after filling it with water. It’s usually limited by a small volume of the water tank. With this device, you are unlikely to be able to clean the whole house, but still, you can steam the deep folds on clothes and disinfect the surfaces with ease.

The rag nozzle will help to remove excess moisture after the disinfection procedure. Floor-standing cleaners are designed to treat various surfaces, respectively, such devices can be considered universal. Thanks to the long hose, the steam cleaner easily treats windows, and additional nozzles are suitable for disinfection of bed linen, clothes, and carpets.

How to choose a steam cleaner for the house?

Models of popular brands with a relatively average price deserve special attention. In particular, we are talking about Fortador, Braun, Philips, Karcher, Rowenta, etc. However, they all have different technical features:

  • Manual versions of steam cleaners are suitable for processing various surfaces, but will work slower than stationary devices;
  • Weight is important only when you plan to buy a hand-held device. After all, it is not comfortable to keep heavy equipment for a long time;
  • For domestic use, models with a power of at least 1000W should be preferred;
  • The larger the volume of the water tank, the more time it takes to heat and generate steam.

Choose the best device according to your expectations and enjoy the cleanliness of your house!

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