Deep Cleaning of the Furniture in Your House

Caring for upholstered furniture is not an easy task. Upholstery, specially woven upholstery, is difficult to clean with traditional methods. In this case, steam cleaning is an excellent solution.

How to Steam Upholstered Furniture

The deep cleaning furniture process is easy and hassle-free. Therefore, you can try maintaining your furniture in good condition using it. The principle of this method is to dissolve and remove contaminants using jets of steam supplied under pressure. Jets of steam penetrate all hard-to-reach places.

For the treatment of smooth surfaces, a rounded brush head is used, which provides cleaning efficiency due to a larger area of ​​​​action.

Heavily soiled areas of the sofa or chair can be pre-treated with a detergent (powder, gel). Chemistry should be selected according to the type of fabric upholstery. The foam composition is applied to the right place for the period recommended by the manufacturer of the product, after which it is washed off with water. After pre-treatment of the stains, the furniture is cleaned with a steam cleaner.

The main advantages of cleaning furniture with steam jets are:

  • deep cleaning of the sofa with hot steam from dust and dirt;
  • surface disinfection without the use of detergents;
  • removal of grease marks from fabric and leather upholstery;
  • after steaming, there are no stains and traces of scale.

This method of furniture cleaning has absolutely no drawbacks. After professional cleaning of furniture upholstery with a steam generator, not only the surface but also the sofa filler remains dry and clean.

Step-by-Step Algorithm for Processing Upholstered Furniture With Steam

Before proceeding with a thorough cleaning, the upholstery fabric should be checked for steam sensitivity. If, when processing a small inconspicuous area, the upholstery fabric has not changed its structure and color, you can proceed to these steps:

  • Preparing the steam cleaner for operation. Detergent can be added if the manufacturer allows this possibility in the instructions, and if there is a need to use chemistry.
  • Put on the appropriate nozzle on the device, and, after turning it on, start processing the main part, removable sections and hard-to-reach places. Periodically turn off to wipe the steamed area with a microfiber cloth, as well as replenish the reservoir or change the nozzle.
  • To prevent the fabric upholstery from being excessively saturated with moisture, it is necessary to monitor the steam pressure. The steam that has appeared on its surface should be immediately eliminated with a dry cloth.

Regular steam treatment helps to keep upholstered furniture in a tidy form and protects the health of households from the harm caused by the reproduction of dangerous microorganisms and dust mites.

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